Card Features

To access the functional features of the Target gift card balance, clients must visit the official website at Therefore, it is noteworthy to note that Target MyBalanceNow cardholders must first register on the official portal before utilizing the helpful target portal balance feature.

The features at include credit points on the card that never expires on the card and can utilize them whenever they are in need of. Moreover, there are several offers which are rolled at periodic time of the year for the users at the official portal.

These cards are authorized and accepted at all supplementary and departmental stores in the United States and the District of Columbia. Accountholders can check the card details at their preferable time with the login credentials.

  • The MyBalanceNow Login portal can be used online to enjoy shopping freedom from your convenient place.
  • The use of Target cards is really simple, practical, and safe for all the users which takes enough precautions as per the official norms.
  • Target MyBalanceNow gift cards cannot be reloaded and cannot be utilized at ATMs to get out cash.
  • The Target card cannot be refunded at the points of sale either. The points or funds in the form of cashback cannot be transferred to another Target card.
  • The card will terminate on the date mentioned in the front lower part of the card, but not the balance as the points can be easily transferred to the Target card with the same number as the help of

If the card expires and cardholders have a balance, they can get it back with the official assistance of customer service by providing the verification details. The MyBalanceNow Login portal offers various online services with several useful features that cannot be ascertained anywhere else. Cardholders can utilize the card as long as they want because the balance does not have an expiration date.